At Ascent Coaching and Training we understand that when you invite external providers into your organisational life,  you are making an investment and also taking a risk. To help you decide whether you would like to partner with us we’d like to give some insight into what we are all about:

What is Our Purpose?

Our purpose at Ascent Coaching and Training is to help co-create flourishing individuals and communities by supporting the emergence of purposeful, sustainable, adaptive and resilient organisations.

We partner with clients to co-create purposeful, sustainable and resilient organisations by improving the quality of their conversations:

Conversation 1

  • The quality of an organisation’s conversation determines the quality of its relationships, and the quality of its relationships determines the quality of the organisation.
  • We help leaders co-create conversations that are coherent rather than fragmented in terms of expressing and meeting purpose.
  • These conversations allow leaders to hold and express purpose adaptively and to enable those they lead to connect to purpose in personally meaningful ways.


What is our Approach?

Our approach is one of scaffolding leaders to engage with the tension that inevitably accompanies the uncomfortable conversations that are necessary to uncover bigger perspectives at individual, organisational and societal levels.

When people thrive, so do the organisations they work for and, we believe, our communities more broadly. To do this we believe that we must not only focus on developing individuals, but also on understanding and developing the relationships between individuals. These relationships are expressed primarily in the form of conversations and it is these conversations that form the culture of the organisation. By co-creating better organisational conversations we build positive, purpose driven cultures that are agile and able to effectively adapt to the ongoing, and emerging, challenges of organisational life in today’s complex world.

Adaptive CultureOur coaching – either one-to-one or group coaching – facilitates learning by experiential activities and co-creating thoughtful and reflective spaces that enable leaders to surface and challenge assumptions  and to explore new perspectives and thereby engage more effectively in the organisational conversation. Our aim is to equip leaders with the perspectives, mind-sets and skills to help them adapt and thrive in complex, volatile and often tough climates. We seek to develop leaders to be agile, change-ready and able to effectively adapt an ever-evolving environment.

What Informs Our Thinking?

Our work is grounded in systems thinking (Stacey, Cilliers, Cavanagh), coaching psychology (Grant, Cavanagh, Spence, Lane, Stelter) and sustainability (Cavanagh, Purser, Byung-Chul Han). We adopt a trans-disciplinary approach which is informed by complex systems theories, cognitive behavioural psychology, adult developmental psychology, leadership and management studies, sociology and coaching philosophy.