perThis is also known as “Executive Coaching” We prefer the term “Organisational Coaching” as coaching and coaching techniques are increasing being used in non-executive settings in the workplace. Our understanding of Organisational Coaching is informed by Standards Australia (2011) who define it as follows.

“Coaching that is provided by a formally designated coach and conducted within organisational settings. Its focus is on improving clients’ work-related skills, work performance or work-related personal development in a way that is personally

Our approach to organisational coaching is informed by systems theory – in particular the application of a Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) approach to organisations, also termed by Stacey (2012) as an approach of Complex Responsive Processes. We believe this approach is the most consistent with the lived experience of organisational life, which is often one of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Uncertainty (VUCA). We focus on helping organisations understand the nature of the relationships between its people, what holds these relationships in place, and what behaviours are enabled and constrained by these relationships.  In conjuction with this, we scaffold organisations in challenging the assumptions and thinking  that might be constraining the organisation in moving effectively towards its stated purpose.